Thursday, January 12, 2012

Making a Difference

I started CM Productions in October 2000 because I knew I could do something great if given the chance to do it my way.  And there have been many great projects over the last 11 years on which I am proud to put my stamp.  But there are some that not only made me proud, but made a difference for someone else.

As a company, we’re evolving and growing.  In December, we sat down and decided what our core values are as a company.  We discovered they’ve always been there, but now we’ve said them out loud and will soon publish documents that formalize them into our culture and guide others who join us. 

Making a difference is one of our values.  We want to do something that has an impact in our community and makes life better for others.  Personally, it is important to each of us to volunteer and donate our time.  I am deeply involved in a project for Family Gateway, a Dallas homeless shelter that serves families with children. as well as Children’s Medical Center

As a company, we have talents in visual storytelling that not everyone can offer.  And we especially like telling stories about causes we believe in, like Family Gateway.  We produced a wonderful story that highlighted success stories of clients who turned their life around after getting help at Family Gateway.  It is an honor for us to meet the people and in turn tell their stories, like the single dad with 3 young kids who was suddenly homeless 20 years ago.  Family Gateway helped him.  Now he’s a successful entrepreneur and two of his children have graduated college.  

Today I edited a pro-bono commercial for my high school geometry teacher.  He’s retired now, but offers tutoring and wants to get the word out about his services. My hope in doing this spot is that we make a difference for someone who is struggling in math because they seek his help. Where the future takes them is up to them.  He is a terrific math teacher and could make a positive difference in someone’s life.  He has already for many -- see his fan club on Facebook: I was in Mr. Walter Dewar's class, and I survived.

Now that I recognize that Making a difference is a value for CM Productions it has truly given me guidance in what I choose to pursue.  Do you know what guides you? 

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  1. What a GREAT update, Carrie! You are doing such good things for the world and definitely Making a Difference!