Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Respect for the Professional
Last time I talked about how much I appreciate the professional photographers with whom I work at CM Productions, Inc.   Another profession in which I hail the professional is acting.  Whether I’m working with on-camera or voice-over actors, nothing beats working with professional talent, especially the talent we have right here in Dallas, Texas.

My company is based in Dallas and we keep very busy with a variety of projects for our mostly corporate clients.  Some in the industry sneer at “corporate” work but I appreciate the opportunity to live near family, enjoy a relatively low cost of living and have a quality of life that some on either coast would give an eyeball for in these tough times.  I’ve met several ex-LA producers in the last two years begging for any work in this town after a pretty good career in Los Angeles.  So I’m grateful for the often, thought-provoking and creative work I am able to produce for my clients.  And while, I’ve produced television pilots and a few broadcast shows, the corporate client does pay the bills. 

So, when I have a particular project that requires actors, I’m excited to venture into the casting process and discover talent here. More than 12 years ago I had a project for a client from Seattle and we were looking for a warm, affable “spokesperson.” We decided we should hire Julio Cedillo (@julio_cedillo on Twitter).


With Julio Cedillo on set in Fort Worth, Texas
He was a joy to work with, on his mark, ready with his lines while portraying just the right amount of friendliness and expertise the project demanded. Over the years I’ve hired him for several other projects, including a big annual news production for a different corporate client. He’s been my “anchor” for this project, helping guide executives, (read: non-actors) through a half-hour discussion show. Bottom line, he made my life easier on this project by playing the part well and keeping my executives calm and on track.


Well, last summer it was time to shoot our show again and his agent told me that he was sporting a “bandito” look for a movie he was shooting and couldn’t shave until re-shoots were done. He’s been in several feature films in the years I’ve known him, (Julio Cedillo -- IMDB) but this time it was different, he was in a film with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford called Cowboys & Aliens.

Well, this did present a problem, as the look when sitting on set with corporate executives is a more clean-shaven, jacket wearing, business conservative look and we couldn’t wait until photography on the film was completed. Fortunately there are many great actors in Dallas, so I was able to find another actor with whom I’ve worked, Markus Lloyd. He was fantastic in the role of anchor, executive tamer, proving once again that the depth of professional talent right here in good ol’ Dallas is solid.
Cowboys & Aliens premieres Friday. I’m thrilled for Julio and can’t wait to see him in Jon Favreau’s film. I’ve been a fan since Swingers and can’t wait to see what Favreau does in a mash-up of western and sci-fi genres. Perhaps he’ll source more talent from Dallas for his next project?

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  1. Appreciate your kind words. You have always been a great client of mine. What allows me to to my job to the best of my ability is having an unbelievably well prepared producer like you. You have been one of the most successful and topnotch producers in the region. I don't work with just anyone and it's not because I'm beneath certain jobs. There are so many producers that can't seem to bring their projects under budget and overwhelm themselves or they try to bring under and somehow lose production quality. You deliver a solid product that I love being a part of. Thanks for always considering me. You are our blockbuster producer. Your fan. Julio Cesar Cedillo.